The New Squiggle Brows and Lips Makeup Look; Yes or No?

One day it’s “in” the next day it’s “out”, that’s just how the fashion and beauty industries work and social media has helped to speed this process up. This year, everybody has gotten creative with their eyebrows – from straight brows to feather brows and just as we thought we’d seen the last of it, a new trend has surfaced to make us, well, raise our eyebrows. Along came the squiggle brows (some are calling it wavy brows), because haven’t you always wanted your brows to look like you have little snakes slithering above your eyes? Hahahaha!

The trend can be traced back to blogger Promise Tamang who was first seen sporting the look in earlier this year, but for some reason, it’s only really caught on in recent days. Some people are using concealer to increase the illusion.

Check out the squiggle brow trend below and continue to see the squiggle lips…


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And the squiggle love is clearly catching with lips being the next facial feature to be squiggled. Lexington, a cosmetologist, posted a picture that went viral, declaring that the new trend is wavy lips. She claimed that the effect was done with makeup and not a photo-editing app, but she has since updated the caption to indicate she was being sarcastic. That hasn’t stopped other people from posting their versions of squiggle lips, very much really done with makeup.

Check out some looks below…

What started as a joke is slowly becoming a proper, legit thing. Would you be trying any of these trends?

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